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YOUR SONG IS GOOD “plays all” with a definitive DVD

May 08 2009

YOUR SONG IS GOOD (YSIG) packs live performances of a decade’s worth material onto three DVDs and the release’s verbose title hints at its duration.

PLAY ALL!!!!!! live,accident,history,idea, We are YSIG 1998-2008, which comes out on May 13th, clocks in at over six hours and includes footage of more than 60 songs performed live by the dynamic ska-rock-slash-calypso band. The only thing more definitive than this protracted release would be a box set.

The live performances come to life on PLAY ALL!!!!!!‘s first two DVDs. The first disc, aptly titled “THE LIVE 1”, features 27 songs while the second disc, “The LIVE 2”, jams in 34 (songs 28 through 61).

The third DVD might seem like a bonus but it may be the most valuable disc to fans of YOUR SONG IS GOOD. “The Document” apparently features rare footage and dozens of testimonials about YSIG by a wide array of accomplished musicians. Those included are members of bands like Ging Nang Boyz, SAKEROCK, BEAT CRUSADERS, RAZORS EDGE, COMEBACK MY DAUGHTERS, Riddim Saunter, SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS, and many more.

And in case three DVDs isn’t enough, PLAY ALL!!!!!! also comes with a special 72-page booklet (is that still a ‘booklet’ or a book?).

PLAY ALL!!!!!! is an obvious must-have for YOUR SONG IS GOOD fans, both casual and hardcore. It can also be a unique crash course for those new to the band.

The collection costs 5,250 yen ($53 USD approx.) and that’s really cheap(!) considering that the band’s most recent album, 2007’s THE ACTION, goes for 2,800 yen ($28 USD approx.).

YOUR SONG IS GOOD formed in 1998 and is Rieji “ZeeeeRAY” Tanaka (drums, chorus, percussion), Hiroyuki “DaaaaTAKA” Takada (bass, chorus), Koji “SHIRASHI” Shirashi (guitar, chorus), Masatomo “MAURICE” Yoshizawa (guitar, chorus, percussion), Yasuhiko “SHORTY” Hattori (trombone, chorus), and Jun “JxJx” Saito (organ, vocal, percussion, leader). They’ve been signed with Nayutawave Records, a division of Universal Music, since 2007.

Get groovin’ with a 2007 performance of “あいつによろしく” (aitsu ni yoroshiku):

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