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Interview with Yellow of PEELANDER-Z

Mar 06 2008

Japanese Action Comic Punk Band PEELANDER-Z has hit the road to tour all across America once again.

Playing 25 shows in March 2008, the superhuman punk rock superheroes are going all over the place and will play at this year’s SXSW (South by Southwest).

PEELANDER-Z is one of the most unique bands in the…universe. I was introduced to them in 2003 with their P-Bone Steak album. Their wacky take on punk is ridiculously hilirious.

Here’s my quick interview with Peelander-Yellow:

Shay: How did you guys meet and what made you come to NYC?
Peelander-Yellow: We are not human beings. We are Peelander and come from Z area of Peelander-Planet. We just came in NY to buy T-shirts that have a Logo “I LOVE NY” because that T-shirts is super popular on our planet.

S: Playing over 25 shows in the month of March is amazing. Where do you get your super powers from?
PY: We are eating everybody’s smile. If you give us big smile we can jump, kick, punch, and rock you.

S: How has professional wrestling influenced your act?
PY: Spirits! Professional Wrestling is our blood!

S: Who would win in a battle? Peelander Yellow, Blue, or Red?
PY: Of course Blue!!! He is king of champion of champions!

S: Human bowling, how do you play?
PY: It’s secret. Come to see our show, you will understand it!

S: What’s the craziest live show you’ve ever played?
PY: Always our show is crazy. But the show at SXSW in Austin in 2006 @cafe was craziest! I can’t remember that show. After show my brain come back to me.

S: What musicians do you enjoy listening to?
PY: I like Japanese girls Idols like Morning Musume.

S: What musicians look up to you?
PY: Mr.T

S: Where can fans buy your music?
PY: We have our own online store.

S: Anything else you want to say?
PY: Don’t think too much, just come to see our show. We will give you new world. This is homework: learn how to dance our ending song, “Happee Pee”. Get Peelander-Z DVD called “peelander is fun”.

Image courtesy of PEELANDER-Z’s official MySpace page

Well you heard it from him, go to their show and rock out. For tour dates, info, audio, and video, check them out on MySpace. Get all your PEELANDER swag on their online store.

In the wise words of Peelander-Yellow, “Thank you. See you sooooon.”


  • Todd

    10 years ago (#)

    These guys look superfun. I hope through some weird twist of fate they end up doing shows in the northwest!

  • Sanjo-chan

    10 years ago (#)

    Great interview! They are going to preform at the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC) in Nashville in April. I need to check them out. ^^

  • Shay

    10 years ago (#)

    Todd: Yeah they are! I agree, I hope they come out west soon

    Sanjo-chan: Thanks :) Like Peelander-Yellow said, This is homework: go see them in April :P

  • Jamaipanese

    10 years ago (#)

    lol wow, great looking costumes

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