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SG Wannabe to sing for Japanese film

Feb 21 2008

The popular Korean R&B trio (soon to be duo) SG Wannabe is set to sing the theme song to the upcoming Japanese movie, Hanakage (花影, Flower Shadow).

Kim Yong Jun, Chae Dong Ha, Kim Jin Ho

SG Wannabe’s (SG워너비) hit “Arirang” (아리랑) will be the film’s theme.

Hanakage stars Korean actor Kim Rae Won (김래원) and is a romance taking place in both Korea and Japan.

“The film, to open next month, is directed by Gawai Hayato, known for Bayside Shakedown. Japanese actress Mirai Yamamoto will play opposite Kim,” according to KBS Global News.

This comes as much-needed good news for SG Wannabe fans, with leader Chae Dong Ha leaving the group in May 2008 to pursue non-musical endeavors. Their 5th album will come out in March.

SG Wannabe to Sing Japanese Film Title Song (KBS)

Watch the 20-minute-plus music video (short film) for SG Wannabe’s “Arirang”

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  • Richard Zadworny

    8 years ago (#)

    I need help locating and purchasing a Japanese film made and released in 1973 or 1974. It was about models and the star of the film was an occidential actress that had been in a James Bond film as a supporting role only. Models from Japanese modeling agency Eddie Arab Modeling Studio also appear in the film. It had two directors one French and the other Japanese. I would be most grateful in any assistance you can provide.
    Thank you. Sincerely,
    Messianic Rabbi R. L. Zadworny
    OS3UDT/SEALS USN retired

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