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Feb 23 2007

Having trouble finding the guitar chords or tabs for some of your favorite Japanese songs? I know I did…until I found XXX SOUND, a Japanese guitar chord/tab site.

It’s been one of my favorite secrets until now, so I’ll share it if you don’t already know of it. XXX SOUND is a Japanese site that offers 100% free chord transcriptions as well as some tabulature. Most of the songs transcribed on the site are by Japanese artists but they also have Western artists’ works as well. The former has me most excited obviously.

It seems that XXX SOUND features pretty much any modern mainstream or fairly popular Japanese music act I can think of. It’s great. The site’s operators even take requests for new transcriptions. XXX SOUND ranks the most seeked-after artists each week. This week (Feb. 17-24) has ELLEGARDEN, Mr. Children, スピッツ (Spitz), RADWIMPS, and BUMP OF CHICKEN at the top of the charts.

I usually am most interested in actual tabs or sheet music but since stumbling on to XXX SOUND, I have discovered the benefits of chord listings. Even if a song doesn’t use actual chord progression, this denotation allows the guitarist (you) to best perfom the song solo. It makes things sound more complete. Plus, if you’re like me and all you have is an acoustic guitar handy (I have electrics, just not with me), you can see the obvious benefit.

XXX SOUND has already helped me learn to play songs by Quruli, ACIDMAN, and most of all RADWIMPS. I hope to play more tracks by others artists soon too. So go ahead, check the site out, learn some chords, and let’s jam!


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  • Ken Stevens

    7 years ago (#)

    I live in the US and I can not access the websites listed for Japan guitar cords. I am looking for six string guitar cords for Rokudan no Shirabe or other Japan folk music. Please email me the chords kfstevens2370@yahoo.com
    Thanks ahead of time!

  • yuuji shimokawa

    7 years ago (#)

    hey shay could you help me find “Single Again by mariya takeuchi”,… i dont if its takeuchi mariya ‘coz in youtube its shows the same..

  • yuuji shimokawa

    7 years ago (#)

    pls e-mail me at yuujishimokawa@yahoo.com thanks,….. :D

  • HaJinn-AnoRu

    7 years ago (#)

    Hmm… I keep trying to access the website but it’s not letting me. :( Is there a specific browser that allows it to work? I’ve tried FireFox, and GoogleChrome, and I’m about to try InternetExplorer. If anyone has any cool tips I could use to access the site (like url tricks and the like) I’d greatly appreciate it!!! :D

  • John

    7 years ago (#)

    I found your post and this site a while back. But now it’s just a white page. Did it move? Did the site get taken down for some reason? Is there anywhere else that will have all these ellegarden chords? Thanks.

  • Maikeru

    6 years ago (#)

    Hi :D

    i did try to enter the site but it do say Eror 404: The requested URL /main/index.php was not found on this server.

    any1 know if the site have been move? if so, can u pls tell me where :)

    do u guys have any other site where i can get Japanese tabs/chords pls :)

  • zeta

    6 years ago (#)

    Can you please send me guitar tabs of cloudy noon by yamashita kousuke.. it is one of the ost for hana yori dango.Thanks!

  • kaido

    6 years ago (#)

    hey, i know this is from 2007(when japanese stuff were soo popular) but i still love japanese stuff, and ive been looking everywhere for guitar tabs for japanese songs i know.. and this link doesnt work anymore T.T which is depressing. Can someone help? if anyone is here anymore… v.v

  • Joyce

    6 years ago (#)

    XXX sound is no longer working…? T____T need tab for Aoi Hana

  • Solène

    5 years ago (#)

    can you please send guitar tab for cloudy noon by yamashita kousuke of hana yori dango?? solne.riob@yahoo.fr

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  • Jolipopz

    4 years ago (#)

    Im searching for the Guitar Tabs of ” Dirty Old Men – Yowamushi na Honoo ” cant seem to navigate here in the website, please send it to my email julio_rc77@yahoo.com thank you

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