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KREVA puts on “The Show”

Jan 19 2007

KREVA was second in line as far as hip-hop on the day goes…

There was no formal introduction, he hit the stage and the rhymes. The moment KREVA set foot onto the viewable platform, the DJs began spinning as he darted to the edge of the stage and performed his hit song, “The Show”.

Decked out in all-gold Dolce & Gabbana, KREVA was accompanyed by his two DJs and lots of laser beam sound effects in-between songs (If you’ve listened to any of his live recordings, you knw what I’m talking about). Among the songs besides “The Show”, KREVA also performed “Have a Nice Day!”. But the solo MC’s act wasn’t the absolute highlight of the afternoon.

       An official shot of KREVA performing, courtesy of the COUNTDOWN JAPAN quick report

About halfway through his live set, KREVA was joined by fellow rapper and friend CUEZERO. This dynamic duo forms By Phar the Dopest, the two’s collaborative side project. Originally formed around 1997, By Phar the Dopest was KREVA’s side-project while in KICK THE CAN CREW. They released an album in 1998 but hadn’t really done anything significant sense…until now. On December 31st, 2006 the duo’s new LP, “Dakara Doushita” dropped. It was cool since their performance at COUNTDOWN JAPAN was the day before the official release date.

With CUEZERO present, By Phar the Dopest let loose with songs like “Haji Janai”, “Dakara Doushita~Let’s go~”, and “Are!~Let’s talk about~”.

By Phar the Dopest’s performance seemed like it was a bit too much of an up-front-and-in-your-face advertisement for their new album though. As long as the music was good and they put on an entertaining show I was happy. I’ll sit through commericals to watch a good TV show right? And it was even more so…a great show.

Ultimately, KREVA and By Phar the Dopest’s performance was awesome. It was packed full of fresh rhymes, seamless loops, and KREVA’s coolness. The man is a true entertainer and deserves the title of “MC” anywhere he goes.

COUNTDOWN JAPAN 06/07 official site, rockin’ on Japan
KREVA’s official site


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    kreva’s beats are the best. His music are easy on the ears, and his looks, well, good for the eyes XD XD

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