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SparkPlugged Podcast episode 2

Nov 22 2006

Well, here it is…episode 2 of the SparkPlugged Podcast. I feel that I’m starting to get the hang of this podcasting buisness. Enjoy and you can now subscribe to this podcast on iTunes! (The PV of the Week feature will be back next week)

SparkPlugged Podcast episode 2





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show notes:

intro & bg music
16Ambianceur (The Source of My Blood version 2.0): official site
comfortable (The Water Mind): official site

featured artists & songs
FAR EAST RHYMERS (For Yourself): official site
GENX (Yume No Kakera / GENX feat. TAKEYA): official site
Midicronica (San Francisco): official site
DISCOGRAPHY-xero (S.K.T.R.M.): official site (down atm) | Audioleaf

links & plugs
SparkPlugged on FARK.com
Ben: BENTONG.net | Fun with a Wii




  • saidai

    11 years ago (#)

    W00t w00t w00t!!!
    Cqn’t wait to hear that!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brent

    11 years ago (#)

    another great podcast :)

    I have some artists you could feature sometime down the line -that would be pretty cool.

  • Ben

    11 years ago (#)

    Yeahh!! San Fransisco is a really chill song! :-D

  • Shay

    11 years ago (#)

    saidai: oh yeah! enjoy and keep rockin’!

    brent: Thanks man. I’d love for you to hook me up with some coolness, I know your good at that kinda thing. Thanks in advance. ;)

    Ben: For sure. Thanks for letting me know about the song and band…I’m going to check ’em out more!

  • kevin

    11 years ago (#)

    wow, chill out this time *___*

    sooooo, far east rhymers were nice but it was a bit tooooooo boyband-like for me. but it’s nice you play some hip hop since i like some japanese hip hop.. actually i just like rip slyme and kick the can crew and nobodyknows+. I’ve also discovered home made kazoku, they are quite chill out too.

    but GENX is some really hot stuff! man, i like that. i need to check out some more i guess, same with midicronica. you know, i love chill out hip hop like that.

    you know HY? that’S a band that has a similar sound to disco-xero. at least that was the first thought that popped up in my head.

  • Shay

    11 years ago (#)

    haha yeah…I needed to chill out this time around :P.

    While FER didn’t seem like a boy band to me they’re definetly ‘hip pop’…but that’s cool. nobodyknows+ and of course Rip Slyme are cool!

    I’ll look in to HY since I really like DISCOGRAPHY-xero…like I said in the podcast, another similar band to them is Yamaarashi. they rock too!

  • kevin

    11 years ago (#)

    yeah, i just thought this one FER song (this beat and melody and all that) had some boyband-vibe going on.

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