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More of The Back Horn…a PV

May 27 2006

As stated in the previous post, I love the Japanese indie band The Back Horn. I especially enjoy their song “Cobalt Blue”. Well, if you’re interested, here’s the PV for “Cobalt Blue” in all of its simplistic goodness:

Apparently, craziness is cool! At least Masashi (vox) and Eijun (guitar) make it that way. They’re all a bit crazy though in this video. I especially like when Masashi falls down at the beginning. Funny stuff.

The “Cobalt Blue” mp3 is still available for download HERE. Enjoy.

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  • bentong

    12 years ago (#)

    Haha … The song is actually pretty good. I like it! Oh, and the PV is … umm … kinda odd but it’s entertaining to watch. Thanks for the mp3 too. :)

  • mesoamson

    11 years ago (#)

    cool band…masahi rawk my song but actually i prefer hanabira..yeah

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