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BIG NEWS: Cinematane launches!

May 23 2006

Well it’s here: SparkPlugged author Shay’s personal site (with personality), CINEMATANE is a go! It’s actually been around for a little bit with different incarnations…though this version of the site is here to stay.

Expect a personal blog, portfolio, and any other randomness that I pride myself on (comics, reviews, writing, etc, etc). The possibilities are endless baby. So, check it out, add it to your blogrolls, bookmark it, do whatever it is you do.

Have a go!


  • brent

    12 years ago (#)

    Very nice layout. You are very good at web design.

  • Shay

    12 years ago (#)

    Thanks Brent! ^_^

  • Todd

    12 years ago (#)

    I hope this doesn’t mean you are going to lose steam on sparkplugged! This place is to cool for you to slow down. =P

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