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Another wacky version of ‘YMCA’!?

May 18 2006

Remember a few months ago when one of SparkPlugged’s favorite ‘topics’, Hard Gay released his PV rendition ‘Young Man’? It was a cover of the Village People’s hit song that everybody knows, ‘YMCA’.

Well, yet again there is another cover gracing the likes of cyberspace. Currently the featured movie on Daily Motion, a comical Korean cover is all the rage. The song is sung by a comedian named E-Pak-Sa. Oddly enough, there is Japanese caption text in the video. That is most likely due to the fact that E-Pak-Sa was a bit of a hit in Japan in the mid-90’s. I can only assume that this video well pre-dates Hard Gay’s of course.

Both the simplistic synth sound and the tone of E-Pak-Sa’s singing voice add to the humor. This version of ‘YMCA’ is geekier and not nearly as homosexual as Hard Gay’s. I must say how this video got a huge laugh out of me. Time to watch?



  • Todd

    12 years ago (#)

    That is awesome. I mean really. I loved it. A lot!

  • Sunday Blog Roundup » Ray Mescallado Archives

    4 years ago (#)

    […] she’s finally happy with where the Nana animated series is going. Shay of SparkPlugged notes yet another cover of the Village People’s “Y.M.C.A.” – this time by a Korean comedian. Shay actually finds it funnier, though not as homoerotic. […]

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