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A great photo-op(Verbal & Hard Gay)!

May 04 2006

Being that the circumstances of the day will not allow for me to write a large post, here’s an entertaining picture:

This photo of Verbal(rapper from m-flo) & Hard Gay is one of the greatest photos that I’ve seen. As you probably know, I’m a HUGE fan of m-flo. The same goes for the likeness of Hard Gay. It’s backstage-esque photogenic greatness!

What can I say? I love ’em both!…not quite in ‘that’ way though.

Cool: Verbal(m-flo) Blog

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  • brent

    12 years ago (#)

    I thank Hard Gay for brightening my day a little bit.

  • Shay

    12 years ago (#)

    I’m glad you got the full worth of this post’s intention! Congrats. :D

  • kagofeet

    12 years ago (#)

    shay, that picture is freakin’ awesome man! Hilarious, but soo awesome!

  • michaelpanda

    12 years ago (#)


    SEI SEI SEI~~~!!!!

    ahh man, i f-ing love razor ramon! Hard Gay is one of the funniest things I have ever seen on Japanese television (granted that’s not very much competition, but whatever). *shakes head* awesome picture. I want to run into him on the street one of these days – i would totally ask him to do my mobile phone answering machine message.

  • HG #1

    11 years ago (#)

    I love HG AND mflo this is truely a great picture!

    I’ve watched all of Hard Gay’s videos at http://www.hard-gay.org it’s awesome

  • Rod Maddocks

    11 years ago (#)

    Rod desu !
    Beautiful two Hard Gay, I love him so much Woooo !

  • aung kyaw myint

    9 years ago (#)

    I like fucking.

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