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Japan = the Champions

Mar 20 2006

Japan won the inaugural World Baseball Classic (WBC) against Cuba on Monday, March 20th. The Japanese team managed by Japanese baseball legend Sadaharu Oh won 10 to 6. Japan made it to the championship game after getting revenge and beating the previously undefeated Korean team. Japan also beat Team USA to get where they were.

It is good to see a country such as Japan be the victor in this “Classic” which is in it’s first year. Not only will the victorious nation recognized in the moment, but it will be noted by baseball history. This comes as more credit to Japan’s stellar baseball ability. Ichiro & company + Sadaharu Oh = the Champions. “Oh’s secret weapon” Kosuke Fukudome is worth a mention too. Pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka was named tournament MVP.

The best thing about the World Baseball Classic is not as simple as a nation such as Japan being victorious but rather something greater. It seemingly brought nations together much like the Olympics. That is also what makes this victory even more admirable. An American pastime? Maybe it’s more of a Global thing.

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  • Catholicgauze

    12 years ago (#)

    I also enjoyed the WBC. Saduaharu Oh + Ichiro = Victory. Although I think Ichiro regrets his South Korea comment.

  • Randall Fitzgerald

    12 years ago (#)

    I am hearing about it on The Colbert Report right now. Haha. Way to go Japan!

    With their sort of spirit for the game, it’s not a surprise. I bet they play a better game of baseball than the roid-filled Americans.

    Speaking of that, I want to watch Mr. Baseball now, with Tom Selleck.

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